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Cheap Flights – Webjet vs Flight Centre

Posted by admin On April - 23 - 2012

Cheap Flights – Webjet vs Flight Centre

Cheap Flights – Melbourne and Sydney to Bangkok

Flight Centre have been advertising "Lowest Airfare Guarantee" and have been using the word "unbeatable" next to their company logo.

Flight Centre's Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Flight Centre's Lowest Airfare Guarantee

Lowest Airfare Guarantee
We will beat any airfare quote or you fly free

Flight Centre advertises a "Lowest Airfare Guarantee" and then goes on to say "We will beat any airfare quote or you fly free".

You can read their "Lowest Airfare Guarantee" in two ways. All they have to do is beat an airfare by 1 cent and they fulfil their guarantee. The other way of reading into this – if their everyday advertised price is more than a competitors everyday price, then you fly free. This makes more sense to me because it would be cheaper for Flight Centre to advertise "We will beat any advertised airfare by 10 percent" than fly someone for free.

That makes good business sense, right?

Reading their "Lowest Airfare Guarantee", Flight Centre claim:

"When it comes to cheap flights, we are so sure we will not be beaten on price that if you find a cheaper available airfare quote and we don’t beat it, we will fly you to your destination for free."

And how will Flight Centre beat the price? They will beat the advertised price by one dollar! And give you a $20 voucher.

"We will beat price by $1.00 and give you a $20 voucher."

This got me wondering. Has anyone, ever, given Flight Centre a quote they could not beat? Has Flight Centre ever given anyone free airfare. The only possible way for Flight Centre to be unable to beat a quote would be if the airfare quoted was $1 or less.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Is Flight Centre the cheapest out there, as they claim. I thought to put them to the test by comparing Flight Centre to Webjet and using Qantas as a reference.

Cheap Flights Compared

To try to be as fair as possible, I selected a travel date exactly one calendar month in advance (23 of May, 2012). The exact same parameters were used on all search’s.

Flight Webjet Flight Centre Qantas
Sydney to Bangkok (QF23) $754.00 $723.58 $476 Sale, $614 Red e-Deal, $728 Super Saver
Melbourne to Bangkok (QF422 and QF23) $765.00 $927.02 $478 Sale, $625 Red e-Deal, $739 Super Saver

Traveling from Sydney to Bangkok, same flight on Qantas QF23, Flight Centre was $30.42 cheaper than Webjet. However, Melbourne to Bangkok on Qantas QF422 to Sydney and then Qantas QF23 to Bangkok, Webjet was $162.02 cheaper.

That was comparing apples to apples. The obvious winner was Qantas. Let us now presume someone wants to travel to Bangkok, in Thailand, and does not care which airline – simply wants the cheapest air fare. Lets compare apples and oranges – they both go in the same hole and come out the same hole.

Airline/Flight Webjet Flight Centre
Sydney to Bangkok $464 – Air Asia $685.11 China Southern Airlines
Melbourne to Bangkok $369 – Jetstar $719.80 – Royal Brunei

The above table shows two interesting things.

1. Webjet offers considerably cheaper flights to Bangkok
2. Melbournian’s get better airfares with Jetstar (Jetstar: Sydney – Bangkok $465)



For the cheapest airfare, compare all sites such as Webjet, Flight Centre and other comparison sites. Then visit the official site of the airline and compare their prices. There are many discounted airfares on sale, at different times offered by different airlines, it pays to shop around.

Screen Shots
Below are screen shots of airfare searches conducted on Webjet, Flight Centre and Qantas.

Sydney to Bangkok Flights
Webjet - Sydney to Bangkok Flights Flight Centre - Sydney to Bangkok Flights Qantas - Sydney to Bangkok Flights
Melbourne to Bangkok Flights
Webjet - Melbourne to Bangkok Flight Centre - Melbourne to Bangkok Flights Qantas Flights - Melbourne to Bangkok

In the past, I have used both companies to purchase airfare tickets.
I am in no way associated with Webjet, Flight Centre or Qantas. I do not own shares or have a stake in these companies. This article was researched for my own curiosity.

One Response so far.

  1. Cheap Flights says:

    Some companies just don’t get it on the internet. They run their business in the old fashion way and are lossing customers by trying to trick them in to thinking they are cheaper because they offer a garuantee

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